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For years you’ve dreamed of putting your life down in words. But now you ask yourself, “Is my life really that interesting?” “How do I even begin?”

Just remember! Your story is unique, gripping, and heart-warming, a key to your life. Writing a memoir, short story collection, poetry, or a novel and sending it out to the world (or just to your children and grandchildren) makes meaning of your life. It’s a validation, displaying the passages you took and those you did not.

Through the years, I learned the desire to write is as urgent as the hunger for air, food, or sleep. That no amount of food, money, or sex could fulfill the soul satisfaction that writing our tales can bring. It connects us to our most authentic selves

Towering like clouds above the daily paths of life are unseen questions:

• Who am I?
• Have I left scratches on the rock, footprints in the sand?
• Will my deeds be remembered, my gifts treasured in others’ memories?

Your book will answer those questions.

Perhaps you are confused about this ancient desire to write. You are not clear about what you want to write or even why you want to write. Or whether you have the talent to write.

I am here to tell you that the only prerequisite for becoming a writer is a genuine desire to write. Behind that desire is a hidden passion, the unbridled creativity you had as a child before the adult world’s strictures submerged it. You write because you love to write. What matters is the pull to write. It’s energy waiting for transformation. And that is all you need to begin.

So, what are you waiting for?

Shoshana Kobrin is a writing coach, editing consultant, and author. She gives writing workshops, individual consultations and is available for presentations.

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